Your Smile:Your Confidence

Just a smile, your cheeks won’t hurt. When this picture was taken, we were basically playing around with selfies. Trying to pout and trying to pose for the camera. But while scrolling through my gallery, I realised that there’s more to it than an ordinary selfie. There was no fear, no worries, nothing to be concerned about in the picture. Also, different definitions of smile emerged from the image. The emotions present carried cheerfulness in them. The faces lit up throwing away doubt and timidity. Smile is a true measure of joy. Do you know that your smile carries the gene of confidence in it? Even before you speak, your smile gives you away. It’s a reassurance of your self-confidence and it fires up your positive vibes.

Even the sun smiles down at us as it distributes bright – lights to all the corners of the world. It’s obvious enough to know that darkness fades when the sun shines. Your current situation might be a discouragement. Tell you what, smile through it and gain your victory in it. Smile like a conqueror. Something like that {Me winking}.😉 Light up your world!

IMG_20180406_124247_710.jpgJust a smile, your cheeks won’t hurt. Yes! I’m aware that everything in life has an advantage and a disadvantage… I choose to hold on to the provided benefits. Because, most of the time when you allow yourself to think about the negative qualities of a situation, it alters your strength, your belief and your positivity. It therefore creates an edge over how you think or feel. So, embrace your cheeks and let the world see through you. Be known as a bold girl, a strong lady, a self-assured woman. Pick your mark. Pick your representation. Let them see how confident you are. Confidence is not pride; however, don’t over do it. But smiling can never be overdone. Make sense? Yup!  It’s a constant attribute; it stays on forever  – whether you are a baby, a school-aged child, an adolescent, youthful or in your old age. Define your own kind of smile. It’s about embracing whom you are.

Never underestimate the power of a smile. IMG_20180406_165441_071.jpg

The sexiest curve on your body is your smile….Flaunt it.




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  1. nisotvab24 says:

    @Lioness, Thank you for acknowledging this amazing fact.


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